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Wrong Soil? by GoPasar x Michael's Organic Garden - October 2019
SGD $30.00
Workshop Date & Time:

Gardening workshop


In this two-hour workshop, you will learn

- How to identify soil types?
- How to check if your soil is biologically active?
- How can excessive chemical fertilizer affect your plants?
- How to rehab your soil?
- How to add soil medium to create better environment for your plants?
- What are the soil ratios for salad greens and herbs?

There will be practical sessions on soil mixing and root special mint! Soil, special mint cutting and biodegradable pot will be provided.

Limited slots available! Brought to you by GoPasar x Michael’s Organic Garden, with materials proudly sponsored by BABA.


Workshop Date & Time: 1pm to 3pm, 12 October 2019 (Saturday)
Venue: 171 Tras Street, Union Building, Tanjong Pagar, Singapore 079025

Who should attend?
Beginner who are interested in growing edible plants in their home.

Do your part for the environment!
Please bring your own bags to carry your potted special mint home after the workshop.
Also, please bring your own drinking water to stay hydrated.

*All tickets sold are non-refundable*
Please contact us if you have any questions.


About GoPasar

GoPasar is a marketplace for you to discover and trade homegrown food and excess seeds as well as to purchase fresh produces from local farms and gardening tools to grow your own plants at home.

About Michael’s Organic Garden

Singapore imports 90% of food from overseas. After reading countless reports and articles on farming practices, Michael decided to grow his own vegetables in simple and fun ways in 2014. After years of trials and errors, Michael has finally found a self-sustainable way in growing own vegetables!

About BABA

Think Baba, Think LOVE
The natural environment has allowed us to flourish and thrive as a community. It is only natural that we return the favour, and in the process establish an everlasting connection with the environment.

Baba creates products that are not only well-designed and reliable, but also reflects a friendly and supportive spirit towards our customers, the plants they grow, the local community as well as the natural environment.

A few years back, Baba started to organize various educational activities on environmental protection and organic farming. Baba aspires for other garden centres to adopt environmentally friendly farming methods, for store operators to sell healthy and beneficial goods and for consumers to be able to safeguard their health – so that a society that is environmentally friendly may be restored in order to help Mother Earth regain its vitality.

One of Baba's initiatives was to begin “Help Malaysia Organic Grow” event in 2015. Through events, Baba hope to inspire more people to come together to protect environment as well as the future of our children.

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