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Waste to Gold - Insect Farming Seminar
SGD $20.00
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NEXT PUBLIC SEMINAR DATE: 7th Dec (Sat) @ Sing See Soon Simei - sign up through this gopasar listing!
PRIVATE SEMINAR: Register your interest at hello@insectta.com

Get up close and buggy with insects as you join us on a hands-on learning experience centered around sustainability, food waste, and insect farming!

​We bring our insect farm straight to your venue for a novel and unique experience for all participants to see, touch, and smell. First we debunk myths about food waste, then discover how our insect superheroes are turning waste into gold, and finally learn how the future of farming is looking super buggy!

This 1h 15min interactive seminar is engaging, educational, and most importantly, mind-opening. Expect lots of audience interaction, surprises, and stories from Singapore's first insect farmers.

​This interactive seminar is held at a venue off the farm, and is designed for learners aged 10 and above.

$20/ students

Learn more: https://www.insectta.com/tours

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