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Terra & Ember Mini Pottery Workshop
SGD $50.00
Workshop Date & Time:

Terra & Ember Mini Pottery Workshop

Be captivated by the immediate response of shaping the clay with your fingertips in just a few actions!
Learn how to make your own mini ceramic wares with a mini electrical wheel and simple tools. You will also be able to paint and decorate your mini ceramic wares on the spot with our wide selection of colours and brushes. Mini live plants can also be purchased to complement your mini creations. The workshop will be facilitated by our pottery instructor - Terra & Ember who will guide the participants every step of the way!

Fee includes materials and firing (keep up to 3 mini pots)
Workshop time: 2 pm to 4 pm (2 hours)
Venue: 475 Geylang Road S389434

Limited to 12 seats per session!

Add-ons not included in price:
$4 per additional pot
$3 to apply clear glaze per pot
(Colour may turn out darker)
$5 for air plant and stones per pot
$4 for postage
$5 Bamboo tray
$7 Wooden trays

Workshop Policy and Information

Confirmation of the number of participants at least 1 week before commencement of mini pottery.

All finished ceramic pieces will be ready for collection 3 weeks onwards after the workshop. Please note that glaze firing may darken colors post-firing and appear a few shades darker.
Completed pieces will be transported and handled with the utmost care. However, in the event that a piece is broken beyond a functional piece during transportation, the participant can choose between a full refund of workshop fee or attend a complimentary workshop at his/her earliest convenience. The studio is not responsible for any alterations, cracks or unintended damage that may happen during the firing process.

Please wear clothes which you don’t mind getting them a little dirty and aprons will be provided.



A husband and wife duo with a growing love for pottery and all things ceramics.

What started as a spontaneous sign up for a beginner pottery class in 2016 has evolved into a humble homegrown business right here in Singapore. Terra & Ember is in short, Earth and Fire, which are essential elements in the process of making a ceramic ware from scratch. To further strengthen their belief in this hand maker’s craft, they are also in pursuit of making our pottery workshops mobile so everyone would be able to experience this craft anywhere, anytime.

Intro about Terra & Ember

Terra & Ember is in short, Earth and Fire.

Cosmologically, it refers to the physical and the metaphysical. Just as a mountain takes decades to form, it translates the effort in creating an artisanal ceramic pot and the physicality of it. On the other hand, the function of ember relates back to our emotion of passion and creativity, translated into the work that best reflects our unique personality. Just as the potential of an ember to be sparked ablaze, the surprise of each individual finished piece surprises us, reigniting that sense of passion that leads us towards this journey in the first place. Thus, the unity of both elements to create a pot.

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