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Strawberry Mint
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Strawberry Mint is a hardy perennial with small green leaves and lilac flowers in summer. It has the wonderful scent of strawberries with a fruity base.

Its pretty lilac flowers are also edible. Fast growing, reaching a height of 60 cms, with a sturdy, compact habit. Strawberry mint is best grown in a container, in the sun, and should be kept moist.

Culinary Uses:
- Strawberry Mint is excellent for making tea, drinks, iced tea, mint sauce and it can be added to fruity salads.
- The flowers are edible.

Medicinal Uses. It is said that:-
- A tea made with Strawberry Mint can help relieves symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and inhibits the growth of some types of bacteria.
- The tea can be gargled to relieve a sore throat.
- The leaves can be chewed to freshen the breath.
- Crushed leaves can be applied to your temples to ease a headache or/ and it can be put directly onto insect stings.

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