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Mushroom Growing Kit (Golden Oyster)
SGD $15.00

Mushroom Growing Kit (Golden Oyster)
1x Mushroom Spawn Bag
1x Mushroom growing kit (box)

1. Follow the dotted line and cut to create a small square opening on the growing kit(box).
2. On the growing kit opening, use a marker and mark a "X" on the plastic of the mushroom spawn bag.
3. Use a penknife and cut the "X". Do not remove/tear off any plastic.
4. Open up the "X", Use the Sprayer and spray water directly into the spawn bag.
* Please water the mushroom spawn bag 3-4 times per day.
*Keep the bag away from sunlight & ensure there is ventilation.

The Golden Oyster require 5 - 7 days to grow.
The mature Golden Oyster would be est a palm size. Please harvest and rinse with water before cooking.

Please take note while our return/refund policy applies to most products, the sales of plants/herbs/food items are not returnable/refundable.

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