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Hydroponics Workshop
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Hydroponics Workshop

New to hydroponics? Need not worry as we'll break down everything you need to know in order to start your own hydroponic system including light, water, nutrients and more. You'll be up going in no time!

Once you're up, we'll reveal top tips for success. You may run in to the occasional problem but not to worry, we'll list the most common issues that you may come across as well as simple fixes to keep you up and running!

In this 4 hours workshop, you will learn

*What is hydroponics?
*How does hydroponics work?
*What's the optimum pH level for solution?
*What are the mediums used to grow seedlings?
*Why aeration is important in hydroponics?
*How to aerate nutrient reservoir?
*What are healthy roots?
*How to identify nutrient deficiency and diseases on plants?

You will get hands-on experience on setting up your own hydroponics kit.
4 holes hydroponics starter kit (includes accessories suchs as sponge, LECA balls, hydro pots, seeds and A/B solution) with mint and rosemary cuttings will be provided.

Mint tea and snacks will be served for tea break!

Limited slots available!
Brought to you by GoPasar x Michael’s Organic Garden.


Workshop Date & Time: 1pm to 5pm, 07 December 2019 (Saturday)
Venue: Block 461 Crawford Lane (S)190461, #13-75

Who should attend?
Beginner who are interested in hydroponics.

Do your part for the environment!
Please bring your own bags to carry your hydroponics starter kit home after the workshop.

*All tickets sold are non-refundable*
Please contact us if you have any questions.


About GoPasar

GoPasar is a marketplace for you to discover and trade homegrown food and excess seeds as well as to purchase fresh produces from local farms and gardening tools to grow your own plants at home.

About Michael’s Organic Garden

Singapore imports 90% of food from overseas. After reading countless reports and articles on farming practices, Michael decided to grow his own vegetables in simple and fun ways in 2014. After years of trials and errors, Michael has finally found a self-sustainable way in growing own vegetables!

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