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Hydroponics Nutrient Solution / Fertiliser
SGD $15.00

Full formulation nutrient plant feeds suitable for both water culture & soiled based gardening !

We offered a well pH balanced (~6.1) nutrient solution specially formulated for leafy vegetables & herbs. It is derived from natural mineral extraction using high tech scientific method, ensuring high solubility & minimal impurities. Consist of all 13 elements required for plants' growth, it has a high nitrate concentrated suitable to boost foliar development in veggies & herbs, with a well balanced phosphate and potassium that is essential for stems & roots development.
In additional, it is supplement with Calcium & Magnesium + all the essential Trace element such as iron Fe-DTPA, Manganese (Mn), Boron (Bo), Copper (Cu), Zinc (Zn) and Molybdenum (Mo).

Premium grade iron-DTPA instead of the common Fe-EDTA for wider pH range, solubility in water & being more effective to plants.
Through using of higher grade mineral extraction in our nutrient formulation, its results in higher solubility, and thus higher concentration - 150X rather than the usual 100X solution, giving our user 50% more within the same volume & price !

Sold in pair - Soln A + Soln B
Specification :
EC : 1650 uS @ 27 degree celcius
pH : ~6.1

Usage instruction :
1. Get a 2 litres container (available with fruit juice or milk bottles) and fill it 70% with tap water.
2. Measure 13ml of solution A, pour into container, shake well, and measure 13ml of solution B, and do likewise.
3. Use this nutrient water and water your plants once to twice a week.
4. You can apply on the soil, or directly onto the leaves as it is general.

Pointers :
- though it is safe, do not apply to veggies / herbs 5 days before harvesting
- DO NOT mix the concentrated form of solo A & B together. Dilute them with water first !
- for young seedlings/ plants, use half the suggested amount

Other volumes available:
280ml @ S$ 15 (equal to 42 litres mix of water)
610ml @ S$ 25 (equal to 87 litres mix of water)
1200ml @ S$ 36 (equal to 170 litres mix of water)
2000ml @ S$ 54 (equal to 300 litres mix of water)
5000ml @ S$ 105 (equal to 760 litres mix of water)

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