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Give away 1 pack of 150g pea sprout for purchase of any 2 packs of mushrooms
SGD $12.00
1st Pack:
2nd Pack:

Give away 1 pack of FREE 150g pea sprouts for every purchase of 2 packs of mushrooms, applicable for the 1st 50 customers.

Note: One set consists of 2 packs of mushrooms, please indicate how many sets you want under quantity.

Available varieties:
a. Abalone Mushroom (350g)
b. Golden Oyster Mushroom (300g)
c. Golden Spring Mushroom (300g)
d. King Oyster Mushroom (400g)
e. Fresh Black Fungus (300g)
f. Pink Oyster Mushroom (250g) [We only have 10 packs in stock! first come first serve]

Please note delivery is FREE for minimum purchase of $100 and above. Exclusive deal ends on 31 August 2019! Grab your mushrooms now!

Location: 220 Neo Tiew Crescent, Singapore 718830

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