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Garden-nerd Vegetable Seedling Set
SGD $24.00
Seedling set A:
Seedling set B:
Seedling set C:

Select your seedlings:
- Pumpkin (x2)
- Okra (x2)
- Sunflowers (x2)
- Beans (x2)
- Cucumber (x2)
- Melon (x2)
- Basil (x2)
- Balsam (x2)
- Spanish Needle (x2)

Minimum 2 weeks lead time.

i. Refunds permitted only where an item is: defective, not in accordance with the product description (and this cannot be easily remedied)
ii. No refund entitlement unless photographs / proof of defect / damage of the item is provided on the day of delivery. No photographs of items taken more than 1 day after delivery will be accepted as there is too great of a time-lapse.

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