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Garden-nerd Mini-Kit
SGD $55.00

Each kit includes:
- 2 small sized pots (10cm D by 8.5cm H), 1 bag of house mixed rich soil, 1 packet of organic house-mixed fertiliser, 1 pair of cotton garden gloves, 2 packets of seeds and detailed care instructions for the seeds.
- Each kit comes in a State of Matters gardening crate, made in turkey. Durable and suitable for use as a produce box, to transport pots and to contain garden waste.

- The seed options for this kit are: coriander and basil, or red bayam and bok choy.
- We harvest all the seeds in our kits from our own plants or purchase them from local farms, as such the seeds are guaranteed to be fresh and ready to sprout. Our seeds are also 100% non-GMO, open pollinated varieties which you can regrow after each harvest.
- Clients reported a 90 - 95% germination rate for seeds, 40% of clients who purchased the kits repurchased another kit within the year.
- Suitable for beginner gardeners and family gardening.

WEIGHT (KG): 3.00

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