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Free Cocopeat Giveaway
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What is cocopeat?
Cocopeat is one of the growing mediums and it's normally used for soil amendments. It’s made from the husks of coconuts.

What are the benefits of using cocopeat?
👍 high water retention
👍 suitable aeration
👍 natural, often organic product + renewable
👍 slightly acidic pH - many plants prefer 😍

How to use cocopeat to grow vegetables? 🥬🥦🌶🍆🍅
👉 Add 1 part of cocopeat to 1 part of compost & 2 parts of loamy soil 😎

We have excess cocopeat left unused on our recent workshop and would like to give it out for free! Kindly let us know amount required and bring along own containers to collect the cocopeat.

**While Stock Lasts, self-collection at Buona Vista area**

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