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Foliar Bloom - Liquid fertiliser for fruiting & flowers
SGD $8.00

Specially formulated to encourage the formation of flowers and promote fruiting.
Set at optimum nitrate coupled with a well balanced patassium & calcium to encourage flowering and promote fruits formation. It also contains trace elements that are essential for healthy plant growth & nourishes the soil which might be depleted due to long term cultivation.

Application instruction :
Step 1: Mix 1 capful of our FoliarBoost with 2L water.
Step 2: Water as usual.

Apply 2 times weekly on the soil.
For young plants or seedlings, mix half capful instead.
Greater result if apply on both soil & spray on plants' leaves, and use with our FoliarBoost.
Visible results can be seen on 3rd to 4th week after application.
Derived from :
Potassium nitrate, Calcium nitrate, Urea, Iron-DTPA + various trace elements

2000ml : $45
1000ml : $24
560ml : $14
260ml : $ 8

Location: Tradehub21 18 boonlay way

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