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Foliar Bloom - Liquid fertiliser for fruiting & flowers
SGD $8.00

Foliar Bloom
Specially formulated to encourage the formation of buddings/ flowers and promote fruiting.
Set at optimum nitrate coupled with a well balanced patassium & calcium to encourage flowering and promote fruits formation.
It also contains trace elements that are essential for healthy plant growth & nourishes the soil which might be depleted due to long term cultivation.
Estimated N:P2O5:K2O = 3:15:32+7% Mg + 1.6% TE

Application instruction :
Step 1: Mix 1 capful of our FoliarBoost with 2L water.
Step 2: Water as usual.
Apply 2 times weekly on the soil.
For young plants or seedlings, mix half capful instead.
Greater result if apply on both soil & spray on plants' leaves, and use with our FoliarBoost.
Visible results can be seen on 3rd to 4th week after application.

Derived from : Potassium nitrate, Calcium nitrate, Urea, Iron-DTPA + various trace elements
Comes in 285ml, 610ml, 1170ml or 2 litres version.

For those environmental friendly, do opt for container using recycled mineral bottles.

Side notes : The coloring is achieved through using food dye in order to differential between our other products series. If sometimes the color appears darker or lighter, it does not meant that the solution is more concentrated or diluted. It simple meant that i had put in extra drops then i should have been :~)
Also, if u keep the nutrient under strong lighting, it will gradually decolorised after couples of months into colorless liquid. However, the effect is still there, and it had been tested with content that is over 5yrs - so no worries, just use it as it is.

Location: Tradehub21 18 boonlay way

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