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Doo Worx - cow manure organic fertilizer
SGD $12.00

What does it take to be named "Fertilizer"?
It does not merely sustain the life of your plants, it should upsize your plants in terms of color, sizes, sweetness, yield.
If your existing fertilizer does not give you the WOW factor. It is time to replace. You are entitled to results for what you have spent and going to spend throughout your gardening life.
We are serious about your welfare.


If you are...
A young entrepreneur, looking to turn over a piece of infertile land into an organic farm.
A veggie farmer, looking for a proven organic fertilizer to expedite growth cycle.
A fruit orchard owner, looking for bigger and sweeter fruits.
A golf course manager, looking for an affordable way to keep course un-spotted.
An environmentalist, looking for ways to reduce reliance on pesticides and herbicides.
If you are serious enough about the quality of your harvest,

Doo Worx is for you.

Order now and the product will reach you within 2 days! Free delivery for purchases above $60.

Location: 504, Serangoon North Avenue

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