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Citrus Enzyme Pure (Natural fertilizer and Garden Pesticide, Veg/Fruit Wash) - BUY NOW and get special rate)
SGD $31.00

CitrusCLENZ Enzyme Pure is Naturally-Made from Citrus Peel, Safe Plant/Vegetable Fertilizer, Non-toxic Plant Pesticide, Natural Vegetable/Fruit Wash

☘ Helps to improve soil condition, keep the plant healthy and more resistance to disease.
☘  Natural fertilizer for plant/vegetables growing.
☘ Enhance photosynthesis so plant will get more nutrients and roots can absorb more air
☘ Useful for repelling/reducing garden pests such as ants, aphids, mealybugs, etc.
☘ Useful for washing away the pesticides from the fruits and vegetables.
☘ Eliminates drainage odors.
☘ Purify ground water and sewage and keep our planet green.

To support reuse of plastic bottle, we use recycled cleaned bottle .

Delivery charge $4

WEIGHT (KG): 2.00

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