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BlueAcres's Fresh Siberian Kale - Taste the Difference
SGD $5.90

BlueAcres's Fresh Siberian Kale - Taste the Difference

- Singapore-made! Grown in Aquaponics Farm, 100% natural, chemical and pesticide-free
- Harvest on the day of delivery. Freshness Guaranteed!
- Keep it chilled and consumed it within 7-9 days
- Package size: 100 grams per pack

FREE delivery on Saturday for min spend of $20. Otherwise, a delivery fee of $7 applies.


Siberian Kale is positively brimming with vitamins and beneficial minerals! Just 100g of the kale will cover half of your daily requirement for vitamin A, double your daily needs for vitamin C, and far more than enough vitamin K. It also contains a good filling of your daily needs for fibre, iron, and calcium. It even contains a decent portion of protein, almost as much as a single slice of cheese!


Siberian Kale is delicious and it offers a mild flavour, great for when you’re looking for something that’s not overbearing to add to your salads and other dishes. Kale can be eaten raw or lightly cooked as this helps to preserve the antioxidants, polyphenols and beta-carotene content. You can make green smoothies, fresh salad or lightly sautéed with some butter, onion, and garlic, put in soup, make kale chip, and even make kale powder!

Please take note while our return/refund policy applies to most products, the sales of plants/herbs/food items are not returnable/refundable.

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