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Black Soldier Fly Fertilizer
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Black Soldier Fly fertilizer is made with 100% pure BSF frass (poop!). It is perfect for boosting the growth of leafy plants and vegetables, rejuvenating your soil, and ensuring even and continual plant growth.


- 100% organic and natural BSF frass
- A live product teeming with beneficial soil microbes to boost soil health
- High in nitrogen for leafy growth
- Odorless
- Fine granule form, ready for use
- Completely safe for use around children and pets
- NPK 4/1.5/1

Usage instructions:
2 tablespoons per 4-5 liter pot once a week. Water as per normal. For large pots, sprinkle a thin layer on soil surface. Avoiding putting thick layers to prevent overdosing. Suitable for all leafy plants, such as basil, mints, chilis, blue pea, ginger, moringa, banana, spinach, kang kong, kailan, and other herbs and veggies.

WEIGHT (KG): 0.25
Location: 60 Jalan Penjara

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