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Air Plant / Orchid Fertiliser Spray
SGD $15.00

Improved formulation !!
Our ready-to-used “Air-Nutrient” fertiliser is specially formulated for bromeliads such as air plants & orchids. Specially rich in nitrate for leaves development & iron that are easily available for the leaves to absorb.
Excellent result for airplane & succulents !
The new improved formulation increase the iron content to about 3%, using iron-DTPA (a much better form of iron) that allows the immediate intake & absorption by the plants' root.

Simply mist your air plants or orchids twice a month with our “Air-Nutrient” fertiliser after watering & watch as your plants grow, reproduce & bloom !

Product details:
- Design to promote pups and new plant shoots
- NPK: 18-9-20 + 20 Ca + 3 MgO
- Fe-DTPA (3%) to promote root growth
- full trace elements *(0.2%)
- Spray or soak
- Balanced pH of ~6.0

Guaranteed Free from Ammonia compound which are 'poisonous' to air plants & orchids !
* List of trace elements : Boron (B), Copper (Cu), Manganese (Mn), Molybdenum (Mo), + zinc (Zn)

Refiller packs are now available in 1.2 litres, 1.5 litres (recycled softdrink bottle), and 2 litres (recycled milk bottle)
Effective with result guarantee !

Visit our shop for other products and accessories in hydroponics such as specially formulated Nutrient for veggies/herbs, or to induced flowering & fruiting, rockwool & Leca

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