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3' Growth light
SGD $54.00
Only 5 left!

We design our LED growth light with 3 different wave light.
We compact our design with having 2 rows of LEDs chips within e same space, allowing therefore stronger lighting output per unit area.
Comes in 2’ (60cm) @$36 and 3’ (90cm) @$52

Solar C : simulating natural sunlight
Suitable for most plants, with general application

Violet B : more towards e blue wavelength
Wavelength peak and coincide with chlorophyll A that simulated growth and foliage development.
Using it with young seedlings will promote healthy roots and leaves.

Pinky R : more towards the red wavelength
Wavelength matches chlorophyll B, with objective is to encourage flowering of plants.
Great for stimulating the red pigments in some succulent plants, red lettuce, etc.

Come with a 2m length cable with On/Off switch.

You might need also:
- lamp clip holder @ $8
- inter-lamp cable @ $5

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