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2' Growth Light
SGD $54.00

Our LED Growth Light has 3 different wavelength. Namely
- SolarC
- VioletB
- PinkyR

Our design comes in 2 rows of LEDs chips compact within e same space, allowing therefore stronger lighting output per unit area.

How to choose?
(1) Solar C - For General Application:
simulate natural sunlight and is suitable for most plants.

(2) Violet B - Boosting Growth and Foliage(Leave) Development:
Using it with young seedlings can promote healthy roots and leaves.
Use for indoor evergreen or veggies

(3) Pinky R - For succulent and to promote Flowering
Great for stimulating and induced the red pigments in some succulent plants, red lettuce(higher iron content),

Come with a 1.8m length cable with integrated on/off switch.
Accessories Available:
- Crocodile Lamp Clip Holder $8
Easy Clip-on installation of LED Growth Light with no nail or screw-on needed.

- Inter-Lamp Cable Connecter $5
This 50cm length end-to-end connector allows 2 lamps to be joined in series to increase the overall length of our LED Growth light.

WEIGHT (KG): 2.00

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