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150X Hydroponics Nutrient Solution / Fertiliser
SGD $15.00

50% more !! 150X Concentration!!
Below offered a typical nutrient formulation suitable for leafy vegetables & herbs. The solution A gives a boost of nitrogen which is required for both early stage of growth, and the necessary nutrients for roots formation, while solution B support the advance stage of growth to maturity.

Using higher grade compounds in our nutrient formulation with higher solubility (thus enable us to provide higher concentration - 150X rather than the 100X solution), it thus enable accessibility of nutrient to the plant but resulted in higher cost.

Sold in pair - Soln A + Soln B

General instruction :
1. Measure the amount of water needed for your plants.
2. Calculate the amount of nutrient required simply by dividing the above by 150.
Example :
Amount of water needed of all plants = 12 litres (12000ml)
Nutrient needed = 12000 / 150 = 80 ml
3. Measure 80ml of solution A and pour into your 12 litres of water. Stir well before mixing the other 80ml of solution B.

Pointers :
- mix soln A into the water, stir well before mixing in soln B
- DO NOT mix the concentrated form of solo A & B together. Dilute them with water first !
- a 150:1 ratio will yield an EC of ~ 1650uS/cm @ 30 degree celcius,pH 6.15
- for young seedlings/ plants, use half the suggested amount

Other volumes available:
280ml @ S$ 15 (equal to 42 litres mix of water)
560ml @ S$ 25 (equal to 87 litres mix of water)
1200ml @ S$ 34 (equal to 170 litres mix of water)
2000ml @ S$ 48 (equal to 300 litres mix of water)
5000ml @ S$ 105 (equal to 760 litres mix of water)

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